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In 1990, while eating dinner at Scholz's Beergarten, a popular Austin restaurant, Earl experienced a chance meeting with two businessmen who proposed a business idea.They had heard that Earl was a wonderful cook, especially over the open grill. Earl loved sausage and knew a lot about making barbecue, ribs and sausage. The three men decided to cook up some of Earl's tasty sausage and try it out on some of Austin's toughest food critics: Longhorn tailgaters! They set up their grill at various Texas home football games and watched as the masses devoured Earl's spicy sausage. They also served the food through Scholz's. While dining at the local restaurant,a young man tasted Earl's barbecue and sauce. He would eventually give Earl and his partners one of their biggest breaks in the sausage business. His father-in-law was the senior buyer for Appletree Food Stores. After Earl cooked up some of his famous spicy sausage for the buyer and his wife, Appletree Foods began distributing Earl's meats and sauces. Earl Campbell® Foods went from packaging 600 pounds of meat per month to over 600,000 pounds. Earl Campbell’s® sausage and meat products are now produced at J Bar B Foods in Waelder, Texas

For over 45 years J Bar B Foods has stood for the very best in quality sausage and specialty meat products for retail and foodservice operations. Offering outstanding product line variety, J Bar B has become one of the leading producers of sausage, smoked meats and barbecue products in the nation.

Family owned since 1959, J Bar B has maintained it's unique Texas smokehouse flavor along with the highest standards of food safety and quality. Under the innovative leadership of Danny Janecka, J Bar B has blossomed from a mom and pop operation to the number one sausage producer in the state of Texas.

100 Main Street Waelder, TX 78959